XFR Time Trials

Binary #1 AdminChampionDriverToro RossoF1 posted Sep 3, 18

So it's time trial time!

TT will start tomorrow (Monday) and will be held every night from 8.30pm to 10.30 pm (Monday to Friday) for the next two weeks or untill everyone is tested. Testing will take roughly 30 mins so hopefully it will be 4 per night. The times may vary slightly in some cases so please try and be flexible and they will Be conducted at Spain and Abu Dhabi, you will each do 5 timed laps and your fastest and overall average time will be used to calculate your position.

You can Use a custom set up if u want but fuel will be set to standard and ers set to Automatic. You will be spectated by one admin and followed on track by another to ensure that no sandbagging takes place, if a driver Is caught sandbagging they run the risk of disqualification from XFR so please don't do it. I will post a message here after with the days and slots available.

If you want to book it please send a message to me with the slot you wish to book. the slot times are as follows and will run every night Slot 1=8.30pm Slot 2= 9pm Slot 3= 9.30pm Slot 4 =10pm I will update the chat with the bookings and inform any drivers of possible double bookings If a Driver does not book a slot, one will be automatically assigned to Them, also if for some reason a driver can not attend the slots provided please contact one of the admins and we can rearrange. but we would ask that everyone book their own slot so as to keep the system moving and to avoid delays.

So get practising and we will see you all over the coming days. and we will realese the final standings in about 2 and a half weeks.

Xfr admin team