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TotaledCeaser DriverToro RossoF2
Sat at 11:50
hey guys :)
Binary #1 AdminChampionDriverRed BullF1
Sat at 11:51
Hi Ceaser
TotaledCeaser DriverToro RossoF2
Sat at 12:02
glad to be hear looking forward to hopefully more f1 racing :)
F1XL Roland #26 DriverRenaultFinancierF2
Sat at 13:00
Hey Ceaser
F1XL Roland #26 DriverRenaultFinancierF2
Sat at 13:00
Ooh I'm in fire
F1XL Roland #26 DriverRenaultFinancierF2
Sat at 13:00
On fire *
TotaledCeaser DriverToro RossoF2
Sat at 13:34
not your birthday is it? lol
Binary #1 AdminChampionDriverRed BullF1
Sat at 21:55
No in XFR, there are 2 flames, pink is for contributing financially to either the site or the end of season prize fund and then white is the driver of the week
Beasty NUFC AdminDriverFerrariF2
Mon at 15:45
Hello Ceaser.
TotaledCeaser DriverToro RossoF2
Mon at 15:50
hey bud
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They've done it again

By Binary #1 AdminChampionDriverRed BullF1 - Posted Oct 11, 18

Right lads,

So codies being codies have pulled out what has to be the biggest f%#k up in f1 game history. There is a glitch in qualifying that allows a driver to do and invalidated lap and then when you return to the pits it becomes a validated lap. So essentially you can cut every corner, gain 10 seconds on the lap and it will be counted,. Now obviously we can't let this fly, so we are introducing new regulations until it is sorted. Any of ye who have raced in xl will be familiar with the system. So here's what you do:

After qually ends you are to click into your race director showing your individual lap times and take a recording of you going into them from the results screen. These MUST then be sent to a race director chat that will be set up shorty. (the race director sees the invalidated laps, even if qually doesn't) these will then be checked after the race has been completed. So if u cheat we there is a chance that we won't know until after the race has been ran. The main rule here is this, if you are on a hot lap and you invalidate it you MUST NOT complete the lap and you have to return to the pits immediately. If you are not in a position to return to the pits after the invalidation (example is last corner in China) u must slam on the brakes, and get off line to avoid hindering the cars behind you and so as not to set a competitive time. And in the event that you "Forget" and do set an invalidated fast time you must notify the league admins IMMEDIATELY so we can take your last valid time for a custom grid. And if you do not we will come down on you like an anvil. The penalty for non compliance with this rule is non negotiable and will result in a full disqualification from the race in question as well as a qualifying ban for the next race and reprimand on your record.

We really don't want to have to do this to any driver but the only other choice is to suspend XFR racing until the issue is resolved (which knowing codies could be months) We want to do that even less. This system requires a certain amount of trust, we are trusting ye to follow procedure and you are trusting us not to hammer you with penalty's if u do. It's not ideal lads but we have little choice left at this point. We will review this on a week by week basis, and if it ends up that it is not working, then we will have to review/postpone the season until such time we are confident the issue is dealt with.


If you have any further questions please contact the driver rep or any other admin. We will be reiterating this to everyone on Thursday practise, Friday practise and before the race session. We hope you understand the position we are in. So please stick to the procedure and no one will be affected.

Cheers lads