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ReShuffled Pack, and New Drivers, Applications Open

By Binary #1 AdminChampionDriverRed BullF1 - Posted Apr 20, 18

Hi Everyone,

Its been a few weeks since the last post here, but we have a few updates for anyone new or visiting for the first time.

Since the beginning of the season we have seen SkyTheSenpai (Mercedes), and Kane Kenny LFC (Williams) retire from XFR. As such we have agreed that Beasty NUFC will move to drive alongside ZyG0N SK in the Mercedes, replacing SkyTheSenpai. Also we have a new driver who has made it through the driver's test and successfully completed his first race, - F1xl Nut Head has joined XFR and has been assigned the Williams for the forseeable future as the XFR Rookie will only be able to make every second race due to other commitments. this was decided to be best for the league instead of him filling the seat of HowiTzer44 who vacated the seat due to work commitments but still hopes to jump into a race every now and then.

In addtional news we have 3 rookie drivers joining us this weekend in LS Yato, LS NaDeSHot, and MGT1990 V2. All 3 drivers successfully made it through the new driver test and are hopefully set to begin their racing career this Friday.

There are currently a number of drivers who have applied to join this week, we ask for your patience while we speak to each driver and then arrange a subsequent drivers test for these driver.

Also XFR is now in the position where we have more drivers than seats and as such all new applicants will be placed on a reserve drivers list. So should a full time driver not turn up to the race then one of these drivers will be selected. We will rotate the drivers in this list so that everyone has the opportunity to be selected for the race first. When a permanent seat opens the drivers who have been in XFR longest, or applied first will be given the opportunity to join the full time drivers list before the rest. We believe this is the best way to run things, but if you have any questions please let us know.

Thank you all for your patience, and welcome to XFR. Good Racing everyone