The Xbox Formula 1 Rivals cup is a brand new competition which will run alongside the regular league season. It has a totally different format compared with our usual weekly league race and hopefully this competition will become a staple for future seasons to come. This is a double elimination tournament which means once you lose twice then you are eliminated. I will explain the format and rules below so if you have any questions after reading then please respond to this post.

After the deadline has passed for signups for the season we will take everyone who has signed up to compete in the cup and randomly draw all participants for the first round of matches. One driver will be drawn as the ‘home’ driver and the other the ‘away’ driver. Each race will be a 3 lap sprint with collisions turned off with the goal obviously to beat your opponent. The home driver will have the advantage of selecting the 1st and 3rd track (if needed) as well as also starting in the 1st position grid slot on his chosen tracks. Once a victor has emerged he will advance to the next round along with the other 1st round winners and the process will begin again in the second round. For the defeated drivers they will drop down to the losers bracket and have to work their way through that section until the Grand Final where we will have one driver from the winners bracket against the loser bracket winner.

All first round races will have set day that they need to be completed by and it is up to the two drivers to organise a suitable time and date for both parties. It is preferable that you have an admin spectating your races to record lap and race times, penalties and the final results. If an admin is not available at your chosen time then you will both be responsible in recording/taking pictures of the results and any penalties/warnings incurred.

The car that you race in the regular season will be car that you must use in cup matches, the grid order can then be easily manipulated so that the home driver starts in pole position on his tracks (1 and 3).

When racing It is important that you stick to track limits at all times and to be cautious of some of the dubious corners that are harsh on handing out warnings and penalties. it's a 3 lap sprint so any kind of advantage might prove crucial so we will be issuing a 1 second time penalty added to your final race time for EVERY corner cut/track extension that you make.

Fortunately disconnections are relatively rare but if you do happen to disconnect after the race begins then you will have to forfeit that track.

There will be prizes for the top 3 overall drivers and with a random draw each round there is potential for an underdog to make an impact.

Race – 3 Laps
Qualifying – None
Grid - Realistic/Reversed depending on your cars
Weather – Clear
Session – Official
Damage - Full
Collisions – Off
Corner Cutting – Strict
Parc Ferme – On
Car performance – Equal
Race Starts - Manual

The latest round of fixtures and when the deadline is can be found HERE.

If there was no admin present in your race you can report the score of a fixture HERE.