XFR Time Trial Times Revealed

Binary #1 AdminChampionDriverToro RossoF1 posted Mon at 10:03
So it's that time of year again! New game, new season, new drivers and new tiers! So let's get rolling.

As you all know we had you take part in time trials over the past two weeks and they for the most part are completed and the results are in. Now we had quite a few incidents during the trials, such as spins, barriers and over heating tyres so we have edited some of the times to try and reflect your individual true pace without these incidents being included. These results can be seen below, these are the leagues you have been assigned to based on these times.

However we understand that drivers pace will change for better or worse as the season progresses and to avoid a, "XL Season 8 Binary situation" in F2 the admin team reserves the right to move drivers from one league to another if it is deemed that a driver is too fast or to slow to compete adequately within the first 5 to 7 races. We don't want to move drivers but we will if it makes the racing better.

So now that you know where you are, it's down to the serious business of the driver and team draws. The draws will be carried out in a live broadcast on Monday 17th @9pm UK Time. Ensuring that every one has the best part of a week to get to know their cars and teammates before preseason testing this Friday which will be held at (Britain, subject to final approval) It will consist of a 45 min practise with short qually and 50% race. Also As is the tradition we will be running a real life calendar as its the first season of a new game. And the season will commence the following Friday, 28th September @ Australia.

So things to look out for in the coming days: We will be releasing the updated rules and regulations for xfr season 5. We ask that ALL drivers read these carefully as breaches of the rules will result in penalties and punishments.

Also, with the expansion of xfr there is a need for the staff to expand with it. We have a number of roles that will be announced and selected before race day of season 5.

So there you have it:
2 tiers 2 champions
Double the prizes
Welcome to xfr!

We hope you all have a great season and wish you all the best of luck in season 5.

Xfr admin team.

F1 and F2 Tiers