XFR Season 5 - Applications Open

Binary #1 AdminChampionDriverF1 posted Aug 3, 18

Hi Everyone,

Welcome back to XFR, this time to prepare for Season 5. As many of you know there will be a big change next season as to the league we run in. Due to high numbers and not wanting to prevent new people from joining, we are taking the leap into running 2 Leagues concurrently.

It is for this reason that next season we will have to conduct Time Trials to determine who belongs in each league. Because this is the first time we are doing this, we do ask for you patience, while we try and make things as fair as possible.

Right so for those of you visiting, and those of you who are regulars, please get your applications in from the tab above, or follow this link: www.f1rivals.com/apply

Many Thanks, and we hope to see you track side soon