XFR Driver Update:

Binary #1 AdminChampionDriverRed BullF1 posted Oct 22, 18

So we are getting to the important part of the season when it comes to where everyone is going to be for the rest of the season. And on that note it has been discussed by both admins and driver that Nade74 who currently drives for Red Bull will be moving down to occupy the vacant Haas seat alongside fellow Canadian in FunkyBurger21.


The aim of this is to help make the driving as close as possible throughout both leagues. As it stands Keeping Nade in F1, leaves him racing on his own for most of the race, and the admins believe that given his previous results and general pace he would be a better fit in F2. This decision is only provisional, as if it turns out Nade is too quick he will be moved back up to F1, which he has agreed too and understands this. (No F2 drivers are getting moved, as although some drivers seem very quick the results have been skewed by others making mistakes and allowing those at the top to remain there. And currently those at the top of F2 would be in a similar position to what Nade has been in, for the past 4 races)


With this move, it leaves the Red Bull seat empty in F1. With this being free, Binary ix is the only driver in a free agent car, and has accepted the opportunity to race for his season 3 team once more, leaving Toro Rosso vacant once more. (note that should Nade get moved back up to F1, Binary will relinquish the seat back to Nade)


That's it for current drivers, however, XFR would like to give a warm welcome back to TotaledCeaser who will be joining F2 for the remainder of the season in the Toro Rosso Team, in a bid to get them on the score sheet this season in F2


With that out the way we hope your preparations for Spain are going well. Happy racing everyone.


XFR Admin Team