USA Special

Binary #1 AdminChampionDriverRed BullF1 posted Jan 2, 19

XFR Update:

Hello and Happy new Year, We hope you all had a good one, and ready for what 2019 will bring.

We have a little/big update to bring you regarding USA, our 100th Race as league. As many of you know we have been looking to celebrate the event with a special race day setup. And the admins have decided to mix it up a bit. Instead of going down the usual Full Qualifying and standard 50% race, we have taken the leap and put on a very special one off event, where by the following will happen.

Instead of Short Qualifying we will run 1-Shot Qualifying (session start stays the same, 2220)

Instead of a 50% race we will run a 100% race.

And the icing on the cake, we will be offering double points for USA to everyone who finishes in the points.

What about that!! Something new and exciting, we hope you all enjoy this, and that it isn't too much of a change, with it being 1 shot qually, it cuts down the session by about 15 mins meaning that the race should still end by about 2330-2345ish, which is not to much longer than what we originally do.

Thats it from the XFR Admin team,

See you all for Italy this Friday which will be business as normal.